It was a blast this week as we celebrated Book Week. Students enjoyed participating in different activities like anticipating our mystery readers and listening to them as well as “camping” in the library.

Our book character parade was amazing. Children displayed their unique costumes about their favourite book character.

Enjoy viewing our photos!

Grade 2 children visited the Souq Waqif during the unit last week. They learnt about the different places and things that are sold in this wonderful market. It was a fantastic journey! Enjoy viewing our photos.

Grade 2 children were proud to share the new knowledge that they acquired about Homes and Family Histories during our celebration of learning. Children shared in-depth insights into some homes around the world.
Enjoy viewing photos of the children as they shared information with some staff members and our lovely parents.

Grade 2 children visited the Msheireb Museum. They learnt about some families in Qatar, their histories and how houses were built in Qatar many years ago.

Our PYP Sports Day was a success! Students enjoyed participating in different fun activities.
Enjoy viewing some of our photos!

Grade 2 participated in the Hour of Code. Hour of Code is an opportunity for every student to try computer science for one hour. Students enjoyed coding a dance party. Everyone is invited to join in this activity. Visit
Enjoy coding!


Grade 2 students were invited to learn new information from the Science Fair organised by Grade 4 students.
We are sure our students learnt new information. Be sure to ask! Enjoy viewing the photos!

Our Arts Week presentation was a great experience for students to showcase all that they have learnt during our first unit about patterns. Students were proud to show the gymnastics routines that they created as well as the tie-dye skills they acquired. Students were excited to have their parents celebrate Arts Week with them!
Enjoy viewing some pictures from Arts Week!

We visited the Museum of Islamic Arts where we participated in a Geometric Pattern Workshop. Students learnt that a circle is the mother of all shapes. It was a fun experience! Enjoy viewing our photos.


Please watch and listen carefully to the following video.
Then leave a comment about something you learnt under this post or write it on paper and bring it to school.

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